Since the ray of hope in their betterment is minimal, we are trying our best to improve their living by providing skill training programmes which makes sure that they get a proper sustainable income.Eye Opening Sections on Environment protection, Health education, Parenting and legal education were organized, Health camps were conducted as a part of the programs.

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Description of current programs and past accomplishments

SDAR Trust has been involved in programs like, child care and education, women empowerment, health and environment protection initiatives.

Child Care and Education: In our activities child care and educational assistance to children living in Madurai Slum and villages is one of the main activities of SDAR Trust whereby 300 children from poor families given regular nutritional supplements, dresses, educational support, counseling and guidance through its after school learning centers (ASLCs). At ASLCs majority of the children are girls and thus give priorities to girl children. Thus, significantly reduced the school drop outs. Especially the Dalit community girl children are violated by people in and around the village / rural Village’s. We ensure their safety and empowerment too.

Health Programs: Health camps, are conducted periodically in the Slum and rural areas where the people ignorant of their health issues cases like TB awareness has helped people to avail treatment of DOTS and others diseases have provided treatment in government and other charitable hospital. HIV/AIDS awareness creation was carried out among mass and positive cases have been given regular monitoring and providing nutrition so as make them healthy.

Vocational Training: Rural girls and girls live in slums and economically poor, even willing, cannot afford are given program include MS-Office, Desktop publishing personality development and communication skills. So far, 217 girls trained in computer skills. The tailoring skills offered to poor women both from the Slum in Madurai and rural areas. The training enhances their economic life. Some of the women participated have troubled family life, husband being addicted to alcoholism, they are not supportive many a times often face abuses by them. Some are widows who have got some school education. Last financial year there were 80 women got trained by SDAR.

Environmental Programs: SDAR Trust, in appreciation of the Clean India campaign launched by the Prime Minister of India, promotes cleanliness of the environment we live in and in that light, it creates awareness the same in schools, colleges and villages, the campaign emphasized the clean water, litter free surroundings, no to plastic usages, open defecation and mind set to keep clean the public places - bus stand, schools, water wells, water bodies-like tanks and rivers and forest.

Short statement of intent: The proposed activities of our intent are Child care and Education for 220 children living in Slums in Madurai and 5 villages and vocational training for employment of 120 youth (girls). These two important programs of SDAR Trust been carried out ever since its inception however, these programs been carried out with much financial constraints. Many a time we receive support in kinds for nutritional supplements and child care and education programs. Our office is located right in the middle of slum in Madurai and it is accessible by the slum dwellers and we reach the nearby villages from here.

SDAR Trust, among the other activities, seek fund for its child care and education and vocational training (owns computer training centers and tailoring units). At present we focus on the children’s education and vocational training to youth. We are hopefully submitting this letter of intent to consider and support these needy programs.

[ For Tuition students daily we provided Organic snacks like Milk with country sugar, Ground nut mixture roll, green gram ,sundal, date fruit with AVUL, Organic millet powder roll. [School bags, Lunch bags, Stationaries for whole one year needed. Our Teachers train them to speak & write in English. We help them in ways they want to develop their knowledge. ]


SDAR , A Non-Profit Organisation founded on 2006 for the betterment and upliftment of Underprivileged People