About us

Social Development and Rehabilitation Trust (SDART) Mr. R. Rajagopal, is the Founder of this Trust. The Founder has wide experience for the Protection of Environment and serving for the impoverished people through his Community Development Programs. Because in his earlier life he worked in the Forest Department as a Forester and Forest Range Officer. By seeing the today’s environment where it is getting polluted by Industry and commercial activities, for the country’s nature to safeguard and protect the environment from the Pollutions a not-for-profit organization was established in the year 2006 and registered for charity activities as Indian Trust and is governed by a local Board of Trustees & Eminent Patron Advisory Council, engaged in education, empowerment and promotion of rural and Dalit and Tribes communities for socio-economic development of the region.

Our Objectives

To engage in social activities aimed at improving the living condition and welfare of the rural people through non-formal education ·

To organise women from Tribes and most deprived sections of the women into Self Help Groups for socio, economic, political and cultural empowerment. ·

To provide training to women from Depressed and Tribes communities ·

To work for the healthy environment, Global warming, reduction and to promote awareness among the public. ·

To work for the protection and promotion of Human Rights, Consumer Rights, Right to Information Act, free legal aid.


“ To educate to organize and to empower to actively participate in the fields of education, socio economic, legal, health care and self-governance by involving them in self planned development activities in most backward areas”


“Empower the Deppressed and Oppressed community particularly women and children by making them to involve and participate towards sustainable development process”.


► Activities towards enforcement of Human Rights of deprived community by way of providing trainings to Tribes and Dalits community and also through advocacy on their needs.

► Conducting Awareness Program on Preventive on Plastic usage

► Activities on Water Management Program

► Empowerment of Women through formation of women’s groups, educating them on health and reproductive rights

► Awareness and prevention of HIV / AIDS for safe sexual behaviour, promotion of condoms and also provide Care and support services for the HIV positive people and their children

► Activities through conduction Health camp and awareness program about the polio, and other diseases

► Conducting Free Legal training to the Dalits, Tribes for their rights.

► Economical empowerment through Skill Training to the slums adolescents.

► Activities through successful implementation of organic farming and Environment.

► To motivated the Youths for the social perspective promoting village development.


◉ Tribal development ◉ Women’s development ◉ Youth motivation program

◉ HIV/AIDS Awareness Prevention and Control ◉ Organic farming and sustainable agriculture

◉ Organic farming and sustainable agriculture

◉ Consumer awareness and rights ◉ Women’s SHGs and Self-Employment Training

◉ Child Health and Rights program

◉ Preventive Campaign on Plastic Usages ◉ Water Drainage Management Activities

Target Population:

Women, Children, Adolescents, Youths, Tribes, Dalits,and Most Backward Classes communities in the Districts of Madurai, Theni, Dindigul, Virudhunagar, Ramanathapuram, Thuthukudi, Thirunelveli and Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu State.